Command Line Options


usage: schema-salad-tool [-h] [--rdf-serializer RDF_SERIALIZER]
                         [--skip-schemas] [--strict-foreign-properties]
                         [--print-jsonld-context] [--print-rdfs]
                         [--print-avro] [--print-rdf] [--print-pre]
                         [--print-index] [--print-metadata]
                         [--print-inheritance-dot] [--print-fieldrefs-dot]
                         [--codegen language]
                         [--codegen-target CODEGEN_TARGET]
                         [--codegen-examples directory]
                         [--codegen-package dotted.package]
                         [--codegen-copyright copyright_string]
                         [--codegen-spdx-copyright-text spdx_copyright_text [spdx_copyright_text ...]]
                         [--codegen-spdx-license-identifier spdx_license_identifier]
                         [--codegen-parser-info parser_info] [--print-oneline]
                         [--print-doc] [--strict | --non-strict]
                         [--verbose | --quiet | --debug] [--only ONLY]
                         [--redirect REDIRECT] [--brand BRAND]
                         [--brandlink BRANDLINK] [--brandstyle BRANDSTYLE]
                         [--brandinverse] [--primtype PRIMTYPE] [--version]
                         [schema] [document ...]
-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--rdf-serializer <rdf_serializer>

Output RDF serialization format used by –print-rdf(one of turtle (default), n3, nt, xml)


If specified, ignore $schemas sections.


Strict checking of foreign properties


Print JSON-LD context for schema


Print RDF schema


Print Avro schema


Print corresponding RDF graph for document


Print document after preprocessing


Print node index


Print document metadata


Print graphviz file of inheritance


Print graphviz file of field refs

--codegen <language>

Generate classes in target language, currently supported: python, java, typescript, dotnet, cpp, dlang

--codegen-target <codegen_target>

Defaults to sys.stdout for Python/C++/Dlang and ./ for Java/TypeScript/.Net

--codegen-examples <directory>

Directory of example documents for test case generation (Java/TypeScript/.Net/Dlang only).

--codegen-package <dotted.package>

Optional override of the package name which is other derived from the base URL (Java/TypeScript/.Net/Dlang only).

Optional copyright of the input schema.

List of copyright text. Each entry will show up as ‘SPDX-FileCopyrightText: …’ (Currently c++ only)

--codegen-spdx-license-identifier <spdx_license_identifier>

Optional spdx license identifier, e.g.: GPL-3.0-only (Currently c++ only)

--codegen-parser-info <parser_info>

Optional parser name which is accessible via resulted parser API (Python and Dlang only)


Print each error message in oneline


Print HTML schema documentation page


Strict validation (unrecognized or out of place fields are error)


Lenient validation (ignore unrecognized fields)


Default logging


Only print warnings and errors.


Print even more logging

--only <only>

Use with –print-doc, document only listed types

--redirect <redirect>

Use with –print-doc, override default link for type

--brand <brand>

Use with –print-doc, set the ‘brand’ text in nav bar

Use with –print-doc, set the link for ‘brand’ in nav bar

--brandstyle <brandstyle>

Use with –print-doc, HTML code to link to an external style sheet


Use with –print-doc

--primtype <primtype>

Use with –print-doc, link to use for primitive types (string, int etc)

--version, -v

Print version


usage: schema-salad-doc [-h] [--only ONLY] [--redirect REDIRECT]
                        [--brand BRAND] [--brandlink BRANDLINK]
                        [--brandstyle BRANDSTYLE] [--brandinverse]
                        [--primtype PRIMTYPE] [--debug]
-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--only <only>
--redirect <redirect>
--brand <brand>
--brandstyle <brandstyle>
--primtype <primtype>